Trick or Love

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The Liang family has been running a successful local bakery for more than 20 years. Now it is the turn of Liang Jing Cen (Eugenie Liu) to take over the family business. And the first thing she does is give the bakery a makeover: She spends a huge amount of money on decoration – only for the bakery’s property owner to drop a bombshell on the day she reopens the store: The store will be sold to a mysterious new owner, and the Liang family must move out as soon as their lease expires! eyewyw Liang Jing Cen tries her utmost to outbid the mystery bidder, but she does not have enough financial power to buy the store. But just as she is about to lose hope, a man named Guan Heng Wei (Marcus Chang) steps in with a lifeline. He will provide the money that she needs to buy the store. But only one condition: She must pose as a man – and pretend to be his lover! Guan Heng Wei wants to stop his grandmother’s attempts to force him into marriage, and thinks this plan will deter her once and for all. But is there more to this story than meets the eye? Do the Liang and Guan families have a shared past? And what will become of the fake couple once they try to put their plan into motion? “Trick or Love” is a 2023 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Hao Xin Xiang.