Stay by My Side

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Raised by his grandfather, Gu Bu Xia (Hong Wei Zhe) grew up in a palace temple. With a spiritual medium for a grandfather, one would think that Bu Xia would be used to the world of the supernatural. Unfortunately, the time spent with his grandfather has done nothing to help alleviate Bu Xia’s fear of ghosts. With the passing of his grandfather, Bu Xia soon finds himself with a new roommate, a transfer student by the name of Jiang Chi (Yang I Hsuan). As good at sports as he is at academics, Jiang Chi and Bu Xia couldn’t be more different. But dealing with a new roommate is only the beginning of Bu Xia’s problems. Not long after the death of his grandfather, Bu Xia begins to hear voices. Afraid he might be suffering from serious hallucinations, Bu Xia is on the verge of seeking medical help when he realizes that the voices in his head are actually the voices of ghosts! Completely terrified, Bu Xia isn’t sure how to handle this new and unexpected development. But he does know that when he’s with Jiang Chi, the voices don’t bother him as much.  Desperate to keep the voices away, Bu Xia tries to get closer to his new roommate, but the closer he gets, the more charming Jiang Chi becomes. With his feelings for Jiang Chi growing, Bu Xia knows he can’t keep the truth from his roommate forever, but how can he explain the voices in his head without Jiang Chi thinking he’s completely lost his mind? “Stay by My Side” is a 2023 Taiwanese supernatural romance drama directed by Wu Kai Hui.