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Be Mine Superstar

Be Mine Superstar
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Be Mine Superstar


As a third-year film student, the only thing Punn (Ja Phachara Suansri) is more than a little excited when he learns he’s landed an internship, working on the set of an upcoming drama. Ready to learn from the best in the business, Punn can’t wait to get started. Arriving on-set, Punn has no trouble settling into his new role. With a team of incredible professionals to learn from, Punn’s passion for his work grows daily. But it isn’t until he meets the drama’s leading man, Achi (First Chalongrat Novsamrong) that that passion is fanned into a roaring flame. Handsome and talented, it’s easy to see why Achi is one of the nation’s most beloved actors. But it’s why lies underneath that Punn finds completely irresistible. Naturally drawn to Achi, Punn can’t help falling in love with the brilliant superstar. But as nothing more than a lowly intern, does Punn stand a chance of catching this celebrity’s eye? Adapted from the novel “The Superstar and the Puppy on Set” by Orpheus, “Be Mine Superstar” is a 2023 Thai romance drama directed by David Bigander.