My Lucky Star

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As both a highly praised jewelry designer and a talented race car driver, Ratti (Thanapat Kawila) has made quite a name for himself. Known for his impeccable work and undeniable skill, Ratti loathes anyone who coasts through life on lies and schemes, rather than talent and hard work.  More than a little snobbish, Ratti takes a tremendous amount of pleasure in putting loathsome liars, cheats, and thieves in their place. So when he catches Chomjan (Bifern Anchasa Mongkhonsamai) in the act of selling fake jewelry, he wastes no time reporting her to the authorities. Happy to see Chomjan arrested, Ratti continues on with his day, not knowing that fate is about to deal him a very cruel hand. Soon after his run-in with Chomjan, Ratti catches his girlfriend cheating on him with his stepbrother. Fleeing to Italy to nurse his broken heart, Ratti is forced to return when his stepmother threatens to sell one of his late mother’s favorite necklaces. Driven by rage, Ratti storms his ex’s wedding and steals the necklace, only to have his escape cut short. Quickly caught by a security guard, Ratti finds himself cuffed to an innocent and bewildered Chomjan. With no other choice, Ratti must rely on Chomjan’s help to escape but what could possibly persuade her to help the man who once had her thrown in jail? A delightful romantic romp, “My Lucky Star” is a 2023 Thai action romance drama directed by Pook Pantham Thongsang.