When I Fly Towards You

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One rainy day, Su Zai Zai (Zhang Miao Yi) is taking shelter at a small store when a dashing young high school student named Zhang Lu Rang (Zhou Yi Ran) stops by to buy something. He stands next to her for a brief moment and she instantly falls for him. The next day, their paths cross again as she drops her wallet while cycling to Jiangyi High School and he picks it up – later handing it in at the school. It is not long before she discovers that he is her new classmate. Their personalities are very different, however. While she is always cheerful and never daunted, Zhang Lu Rang comes across as aloof and haughty. He is an academic whizz who lives with his uncle, but despite his cold exterior, he is actually wracked with self-doubt and has trouble letting people get close to him. However, once he is confronted with Su Zai Zai’s seemingly unending optimism and cheer, he begins to soften. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship – or maybe something more romantic? This drama was based on a novel named “She’s a Little Crazy” by Zhu Yi. “When I Fly Towards You” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Mao De Shu.