An Ancient Love Song

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As both a popular historical fiction author and a professor, Shen Bu Yan (Guo Jia Nan) is well acquainted with the ancient world. But when he’s inexplicably transported back to the ancient era of Acacia, he’s quick to discover that not everything he’s read about the past is actually true; especially when it comes to the “demon empress” Lu Yuan (Zhang Ya Qin). Well-acquainted with the stories of Lu Yuan, Bu Yan is quite wary of the young woman when they first cross paths. But when it becomes apparent he’s going to have to rely on Lu Yuan’s help, if he’s ever going to uncover the long-forgotten secrets of this ancient era, Bu Yan has no choice but to set aside his doubts and trust her. Setting off together on a journey to uncover the truth, Bu Yan quickly begins to realize that the Lu Yuan recorded in history books is entirely different than the young woman at his side; which makes him wonder, if the stories about Lu Yuan are different, what other pieces of history have been altered over time? Traveling alongside Lu Yuan, Bu Yan’s determination to uncover the secrets of Acacia inevitably sets them on a path that will alter the course of history forever. But altering the past comes with some pretty steep consequences. What will they do once they realize their changes to history have twisted their personal timelines as well? A fantastical mix of history, romance, and mystery, “An Ancient Love Song” is a 2023 Chinese historical fantasy romance drama directed by Zhi Zhu.