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Longing for You

Longing for You
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Longing for You


The small countryside town of Woojin is about as quaint as they come. Never experiencing any sort of major crime, the citizen of Woojin enjoy an incredibly peaceful existence. But that peace is brought to a shocking end when a murder takes place in their midst.  When his younger brother, Oh Jin Woo (Ren), is identified as a suspect in the case, Detective Oh Jin Seong (Na In Woo) is quick to join the investigation team. Determined to prove his brother’s innocence, Jin Seong works tirelessly until the real culprit has been caught and his brother has been cleared of the myriad of false accusations brought against him. Impressed by his performance on the case, Jin Seong earns a fair amount of respect back at the Gangnam Police station. But all of Jin Seong’s accolades mean nothing when his brother becomes the victim of a brutal murder.  Determined to find those responsible for his brother’s murder, Jin Seong starts following the clues. But digging into the truth surrounding his brother’s murder brings some shocking family secrets to light. Will these new revelations keep him from continuing his investigation or will his determination for revenge drive him ever onward? An action-packed thriller, “Longing For You” is a 2023 South Korean mystery drama directed by Han Chul Soo and Kim Yong Min.