The Legend of Anle

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The Great Jing is a powerful kingdom that was founded by two great family dynasties, namely Han and Di. But a rift occurred when the Di family was accused of treason – and ultimately wiped out in a bloody crackdown. Only one member survived: a young girl named Di Zi Yuan (Dilraba Dilmurat). This young orphan was imprisoned far away from the royal palace, and the line of the Di was considered to have ended. But 10 years later, Han Ye (Gong Jun), the realm’s principled Crown Prince, has made up his mind to rescue the last surviving Di. On his journey, he meets a strong-willed female pirate named Ren Anle who says her intention is to marry him. But some begin to suspect that Ren Anle is actually Di Zi Yuan. Over time, Ren Anle and the prince begin to form a bond of affection as they try to rescue the realm from the plotting and corruption of rival Han family members. But things begin to become confusing for the young prince when another woman, also ostensibly claiming to be Di Zi Yuan turns up in the realm’s capital. Will the real Di Zi Yuan ever attain justice for her disgraced family? And could the bond between the prince and Ren Anle turn into the love of a lifetime? “The Legend of Anle” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Gary Sing, Jones Ma, and Jason So.