Lost You Forever S1

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In a realm comprised of three kingdoms, Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing, Jiu Yao (Yang Zi) grew up in the Imperial court, as a princess who wanted for nothing. Her childhood best friend was her cousin, the Xuan Yuan Prince Qiang Xuan (Zhang Wan Yi). As young children, the duo would dream about getting married and spending their whole lives together. But fate has other plans for Jiu Yao. After experiencing no shortage of challenges and difficulties, Jiu Yao finds herself totally robbed of her identity and her royal past. She eventually finds herself in a town named Qing Shui, where she poses as a man and tries to make a living by selling dubious cure-all remedies. But Qiang Xuan has not given up his childhood dreams of marrying Jiu Yao, and has been trying to find her. In Qing Shui, Jiu Yao saves a man named Tu Shan Jing (Deng Wei) – a future clan leader. Tu Shan Jing begins to fall for Jiu Yao, and she also develops feelings for him. But things are about to get very complicated for her, as she also meets a white-haired nine-headed demon in human form named Xiang Liu (Tan Jian Ci). This demon is somewhat rough and impatient with her, but also seems strangely drawn to her. Meanwhile, Qiang Xuan has finally managed to track down Jiu Yao. Does love – or tragedy – await this lost princess? “Lost You Forever S1” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zhen Qin.