You Are Mine

Legendas Por


It’s widely known in the business world that the employees of the Xia Company are known for their uncommonly good looks. That being the case, Yao Shun Yu (Hsiao Hung) didn’t really think he stood a chance of landing a job at Xia. Even so, he decided to try his luck and apply anyway. Needless to say, he was more than a little surprised when he was offered the job. Firmly believing that working hard will eventually lead to a better life, Shun Yu goes into his new job with that exact mindset. While he doesn’t exactly fit in when it comes to physical appearance, his hard work does earn him the attention of his boss, Xiao Shang Zhou (Mao Qi Sheng); though perhaps not in the way he would have liked. Always finding ways to tease the kindhearted Shun Yu, Shang Zhou adds an undue amount of stress to Shun Yu’s already stressful job.  Despite the stress of work and Shang Zhou’s antics, Shun Yu settles into his new job well. But things take a complicated turn when he ends up on a blind date with his boss. Unsure where things ought to go from here, Shun Yu begins to wonder, where does one draw the line between business and pleasure? “You Are Mine” is a 2023 Taiwanese romance drama produced by Vidol.