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CEO-dol Mart

CEO-dol Mart
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CEO-dol Mart


The Thunder Boys are K-pop heartthrobs whose talent agency has left them in hot water: The company is in financial trouble and has been struggling to pay its staff. The five-member group comprises leader Choi Ho Rang (Lee Sin Young), dance supremo Shin Tae Ho (Xiumin), rapper Jo Yi Joon (Hyungwon), lead singer Eun Young Min (Choi Won Myeong), and the super-popular Yoon Sang Woo (Lee Sae On). The boys are thrown a curveball when their agency’s financial troubles lead to them taking charge of a struggling supermarket – and tasked with turning its fortunes around. The boys have never known anything but K-pop, but all of a sudden need to learn how to stock-take, stack shelves, work tills, chop meat, and gut fish! Can they turn the supermarket into a local success story – and re-start their musical careers while they’re at it? “CEO-dol Mart” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Lee Yoo Yeon.