Sweet Games

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Nine years ago, An Ran (He Hong Shan) was a senior at university. She was beautiful and popular, and her college junior Yan Yue (Winwin of NCT) was just one of the many young men who had a crush on her. Now, almost a decade later, An Ran has become a career-driven entrepreneur. She dreams of rising to the top of the business world. But when she tries to pull over a stunt aimed at wooing potential investors, her bluff is exposed and she loses her chance. Distraught, she gets drunk and stumbles into a “romantic” evening with her landlord – unaware that he is actually her college junior...and that he has had feelings for her for years! In fact, Yan Yue is also secretly a very successful voice actor who keeps his identity a secret. And as destiny would have it, he is also a partner on a new project An Ran is about to start work on. All this means that Yan Yue and An Ran have no choice other than to spend more time together. Yan Yue is delighted about all of this: He has never stopped liking An Ran. But could she also feel the same way about him? As the bond between them deepens, fate appears keen to bring them together… “Sweet Games” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was produced by Fang Fang, Su Han, Zhang Zhi Wei, and Xia Wen Yang.