Mr. Bride

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As one of the top sales employees for a major consumer electronics company, Honoka Hayami (Haru) is well respected by her colleagues. Always organized and well put together, Honoka has earned a reputation among her co-workers for being practically perfect in every way. Little do they know that Honoka’s private life is anything but perfect. While Honoka puts up a front as a perfectionist and clean freak at work, at home she’s exactly the opposite. Dirty and unorganized, her house is always a mess and with all of her energy going into appearing perfect at work, it seems as if things at home will stay that way indefinitely. But when Chihiro Yamamoto (Takasugi Mahiro), Honoka’s clean-freak co-worker stumbles upon her dirty little secret, Honoka’s life is turned upside down in an instant. An absolute wiz when it comes to cleaning, Chihiro decides the only way to get Honoka to clean up her act is to do the housework himself. Happy to let Chihiro take over the household chores, Honoka invites him over almost daily but quickly realizes she needs him full-time. Inviting Chihiro to move in with her, Honoka is certain this is the best way to keep her house clean. But what happens when the man cleaning her house slowly begins to sweep her off her feet? Adapted from the manga series “My Bride” by Shiba Natsumi, “Mr. Bride” is a 2023 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Joho Hidenori.