Sunshine by My Side

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Sheng Yang (Xiao Zhan) is a hard-working rookie designer whose life is changed when he meets the renowned and experienced advertising director Jian Bing (Bai Bai He). Even though she is much older than him, they feel drawn to one another. She has just ended her marriage and feels down in the dumps. But Sheng Yang makes her feel alive, loved, and special again. But seemingly insurmountable obstacles lie in their path... At work, colleagues tell Jian Bing that Sheng Yang is likely just an opportunist looking for a shortcut to the top of the industry, while their families are also bitterly opposed to their union. They reluctantly decide to put their fledgling relationship on hold. But some time later, fate reunites them, and they discover that the power of love has not faded. Could they find love after all – or will society succeed in keeping them apart? “Sunshine by My Side” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Song Xiao Fei.