Parallel World

West Out of the Yu Men


“Desert Rose” Ye Liu Xi (Ni Ni) is blighted with amnesia and desperately wants to discover the truth about her past. Chang Dong (Bai Yu) is wracked with anxiety after a mysterious desert storm left his 18-member team seemingly buried underneath the hot desert sand two years ago. When their paths cross, Chang Dong realizes that Ye Liu Xi could help him discover the truth about what happened to his ill-fated team. She, meanwhile, thinks that this battle-scarred warrior could help her find the answers she’s after. But the closer this duo gets to the truth, the deeper into the fiery desert they must go – and the heart of the desert turns out to be full of unspeakable dangers. Can they find the answers they are looking for...or will they suffer the same gruesome fate as Chang Dong’s team? “Parallel World” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was based on a hit novel by Wei Yu and directed by Su Chao Bin.