Kissing the Ring Finger

The Third Finger Offered to a King
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The youngest of five siblings, Ayaka Haneda (Hashimoto Kanna) has taken it upon herself to do what she can to help support her financially struggling family. Unfortunately, as an incredible beauty, Ayaka has difficulty keeping a job for any length of time, as her male co-workers inevitably fall for her and her female co-workers see her as nothing but a wicked woman who enjoys wrapping men around her finger. Unable to remain in such a difficult position for long, Ayaka is always forced to seek employment elsewhere.  Finding herself in need of a job once again, Ayaka decides to apply for a position as a wedding planner at La Branche, the bridal department at a very prestigious hotel. Despite fumbling the interview, Ayaka is offered the job. Happy to find a new position, Ayaka hopes that this time, things will be different. But when she’s summoned by the company’s CEO, Togo Nitta (Yamada Ryosuke), Ayaka is afraid her time at La Branche is quickly coming to an end.  Determined to revive the company’s underperforming wedding hall, Togo has decided the best way to do so would be to stage his own, high-profile wedding there. Unfortunately, as a busy man with no time for romance, he doesn’t actually have someone to marry which is exactly why he approaches his newest hire, Ayaka, with an offer she can’t refuse. Given the chance to solve her family’s financial problems in exchange for a love-less marriage, will Ayaka decide to follow her head or her heart? Adapted from the manga series of the same name by Watanabe Shiho, “Kissing the Ring Finger” is a 2023 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Tsuboi Toshio and Izumi Masahide.