99.9 Criminal Lawyer

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As an attorney who only takes on criminal cases, Hiroto Miyama (Matsumoto Jun) isn’t exactly living a life of luxury. In a country with a 99.9% conviction rate, there’s very little money to be made in the field. Nevertheless, Hiroto has made it his life’s mission to pursue the truth for the nation’s remaining 0.1%.  Working for the underdog, Hiroto eventually captures the attention of Haruhiko Madrame (Kishibe Ittoku), the head of Madarame Law Firm. Presented with an opportunity to work at one of the country’s largest law firms, Hiroto accepts Haruhiko’s offer and soon begins working with Atsuhiro Sada (Kagawa Teruyuki). Specializing in civil cases, Atsuhiro is known for bringing in big money for the company, but his personality doesn’t do him any favors. Known for looking down on those he doesn’t deem as worthy or capable as himself, Atsuhiro wants nothing to do with Hiroto and his worthless criminal cases. However, his perspective on Hiroto and his criminal cases when a unique opportunity for advancement presents itself. Forced to work side-by-side, Hiroto and Atsuhiro must find a way to set aside their differences if they’re going to have any chance at success. Can two such polar opposites find a way to work for the greater good or will their clashing egos keep them from accomplishing their greatest goals? Full of mysterious cases and office antics, “99.9 Criminal Lawyer” is a 2016 Japanese courtroom drama directed by Kimura Hisashi, Kaneko Fuminori, and Okamoto Shingo.