Troubles All Aboard!

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Hitomi Mamoru (Honoka Yahagi) is an HR consultant. She works for a company that prefers to use her as a publicist, however. The firm has tried to exploit her social media success by making her the face of the company – meaning she spends most of her working life giving interviews and entertaining special guests. But this has left her feeling deeply unsatisfied: What she really wants to do is work at the heart of the human resources industry. One night, her frustrations boil over and she decides to head out to a bar – without any makeup on – to drink and forget her woes. While she is there, she meets a charming stranger called Sakyo Shiori (Atsuhiro Inukai). He showers her with compliments, and she is taken in by his charisma. Before she knows it, it’s the next morning and she wakes up at his house! Little does she know, however, that all is not quite as it seems… Sakyo Shiori is the CEO of a company called Jet Black. This firm has been struggling with employee retention, and Sakyo Shiori wants Hitomi Mamoru to turn Jet Black’s fortunes around. Will she agree? And could this unusual encounter lead them to love? This drama was based on a manga series by Yatsumi Tsumu. “Troubles All Aboard!” is a 2023 Japanese drama series that was directed by Tomohiro Takahashi, Fuga Yaegashi, and Watanabe Yuya.