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Despite his wild popularity, Han Joon Oh (Kim Young Dae) is a star plagued by an overwhelming inferiority complex. Constantly fighting his insecurities, Joon Oh struggles to maintain the facade he puts up for his fans, until he’s involved in a near fatal accident and wakes up to find he’s been possessed by the spirit of Do Ha, an ancient nobleman. Do Ha is hellbent on exacting revenge on his wife who is reincarnated as Kang Yeong Hwa (Pyo Ye Jin), the brave firefighter who rescued Joon Oh from the accident and now works as his bodyguard. Can Joon Oh find a way to rid himself of this vengeful spirit or will his past insecurities keep him trapped by Do Ha forever? Based on the webtoon by Hye Yoom, this 2023 South Korean drama series was directed by Pyo Min Soo and Park Chan Yool.