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Lin Ru Lan (Hu Yi Xuan) is a young woman who has suffered an unspeakable wrong. She wants retribution, and tries to bring the powerful head of the Embroidery Pavilion, Wu Lian (Qiao Zhen Yu), to justice. She attempts to launch a legal case against him, despite advice from the likes of her friend Meng Wan (Wu Qian), the wife of a powerful family patriarch. that her efforts will be futile – and that she will end up tarnishing her own reputation if she persists. In the end, she is unsuccessful, and takes her own life. But the case refuses to die with her... Seven years later, a group of very different individuals, all with ties to Wu Lian and/or Lin Ru Lan, emerges – intent on bringing Wu Lian to justice. The group includes Liu Xin (Li Jia Hang), a man who was left badly injured by a brutal attack. They all have very different motives, but all are intent on seeing a man they consider a predator and a menace get his just desserts. But it won’t be easy: Wu Lian has friends in high places – and allies who would rather die than see his name tarnished! This drama was based on a novel by Li Bo Jian. “Faithful” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zang Xi Chuan.