Exploration Methods of Love

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As twins, Su Ji Shi (Cecilia Boey) and her twin sister, Su Jin Qing (Cecilia Boey) might look alike, but the similarities between them stop there. The two sisters couldn't be more different in their personalities, dreams, ambitions, and careers; but their vast differences matter little when Ji Shi’s life takes a wildly unexpected turn.  As a doctor of geology, Ji Shi has steered herself far away from the limelight in which her twin lives her life. A shining star in the entertainment industry, Ji Qing had started making a name for herself, or so it seemed. Disappearing without a trace, leaving a letter of resignation and immeasurable damage in her wake, Ji Qing has her family wondering just what sort of name it was she was making. Desperate to minimize the damage and fill the gap left in a variety television show by Ji Qing’s disappearance, a group of kidnappers nab Ji Shi and force her to fill in for her missing sister.  Completely lost in the glittering world of entertainment, Ji Shi is entirely out of her element. Of course, having to pretend to be in love with Mu Xiu Lun (Gao Han Yu), Jin Qing’s rich and handsome boyfriend, isn’t making things any easier. With her head spinning and her heart fluttering every time Xiu Lun is around, will Ji Shi be able to find a way to save her sister and keep herself out of trouble at the same time? Adapted from the novel "White Lotus Is Not Good Enough" by Mo Li, “Exploration Methods of Love” is a 2023 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Qiu Yu.