My Marvellous Fable

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Wang Pu Tao (Fei) is an impulsive best-selling author who is supposed to be putting the final touches on her band-new novel. She has been told to send the manuscript to her publisher, Shanguan Culture, but keeps putting the task off. Meanwhile, Feng Tian Lan (Wei Zhe Ming) is a young man who dreams of becoming an editor. One day, he attends a bizarre job interview where he is offered a post as an intern editor – despite the fact that his interviewers are keen to point out flaws in his character. His main task at the firm will be to persuade Wang Pu Tao to hand over her new manuscript. But Feng Tian Lan soon learns that Wang Pu Tao doesn’t plan on making life easy for him. As the future of his career depends entirely on convincing Wang Pu Tao to deliver the novel, he finds himself caving to her ever-more-capricious demands. But as the duo begin to work together, could sparks of romance ignite between them? “My Marvellous Fable” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Nan.