The Furthest Distance

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Six years ago, Su Ying (Zhong Chu Xi) was betrayed by her first love. Utterly devastated, Su Ying’s only method of coping with her broken heart was to throw herself into her work. As an interior designer, it was easy for Su Ying to find other things to focus on, until fate brought former client, Qin Yun Sheng (Zhang Yun Long), back into her life. An emergency medical doctor in need of a major home renovation, Yun Sheng had sought the services of Su Ying ages ago. Now, as participants in a house renovation reality television show, Yun Sheng and Su Ying are reunited once again. As the two are forced together quite often for filming, Su Ying starts to notice that her long-broken heart has recently started beating again. Wondering if Yun Sheng might be the man to help her overcome the pain of the past, Su Ying tries to get closer to Yun Sheng, only to realize that his heart still beats for none other than his girlfriend, who had tragically passed away. With hearts still too broken to love, Yun Sheng and Su Ying develop a strong enough friendship to give Su Ying hope that one day, she might win Yun Sheng’s heart. With enough time, patience, and healing, will these two broken hearts learn to beat again? Adapted from the novel of the same title by Zhang Xiao Xian, “The Furthest Distance” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Yu Chung Chung.