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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract
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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract


As a newly married woman in 19th-century Korea, Park Yeon Woo’s (Lee Se Young) life should have been a happy one. But when her new husband dies shortly after their wedding, her life goes from bad to worse when she’s kidnapped and thrown down a well. What should have been the end of her story turns out to be just the beginning when her fall into the well lands her in a swimming pool in modern-day Korea. Fished out by Kang Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk), Yeon Woo soon finds herself presented with a strange request: to join him in a contract marriage. Lost in a strange new world, will Yeon Woo agree to make a dying man’s wish come true? This 2023 South Korean historical romance series was directed by Park Sang Hoon.