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My Happy Ending

My Happy Ending
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My Happy Ending


To everyone around her, Seo Jae Won (Jang Nara) seems to be blessed with the perfect life, both personally and professionally. Professionally, Jae Won is not only the CEO of a multi-million dollar furniture company but is a wildly popular social media influencer as well. Equally successful in her personal life, Jae Won is happily married to warm-hearted Heo Soon Young (Son Ho Jun), a freelance designer, professor of industrial design, and the proud father of their only child.  Successful and surrounded by those she loves, Jae Won couldn’t be happier. But things in Jae Won’s life start to take an uncomfortable turn after she reconnects with an old university classmate, Kwon Yoo Jin (So Yi Hyun). Having graduated from the same art department, Yoo Jin and Jae Won were once close but time and circumstances have led them down very different paths. Now divorced, with a failing art career, Yoo Jin’s life has taken a rather difficult turn and her jealousy of Jae Won and her perfect life quickly builds. Soon after reuniting with Yoo Jin, Jae Won’s perfect life begins to crumble as she learns the people closest to her have been hiding terrible truths. Betrayed by those she once held so dear, will Jae Won find a way to restore order to her now chaotic world? A story shrouded in mystery, “My Happy Ending” is a 2023 psychological thriller drama directed by Jo Soo Won.