Love Is Panacea

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As the son of a prominent medical family, it was only natural for Gu Yun Zheng (Luo Yun Xi) to pursue a medical career. However, as something of a genius, Yun Zheng has not only carried on the family legacy but has far surpassed those who have come before him by becoming the youngest neurosurgeon in the country.  With dreams of receiving the Wang Zhong Cheng Award for Young Neurosurgeon of the Year, Yun Zheng is willing to do whatever it takes to make that dream come true. So when the chance to prove himself arises, he jumps at it without hesitation. Taking a position on a team offering medical aid on the African frontline, Yun Zheng soon meets Su Wei An (Zhang Ruo Nan) a fifth-year MBBS student who has chosen to put their classroom learning on hold to work in the field.  Though the two doctors don’t initially get along well, working side-by-side softens their feelings towards each other. As such, Yun Zheng is devastated when he learns Wei An carries a rare gene for Huntington’s disease. Determined to save the woman he loves, Yun Zheng works tirelessly to find a cure. Will this brilliant doctor find a way to cure the incurable before it’s too late? Adapted from the web novel “Healer” by Ning Meng Xi Yan, “Love Is Panacea” is a 2023 Chinese medical romance drama directed by Mu Xiao Jie.