Love Me, Love My Voice

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As a music-loving college senior, Gu Sheng (Zhou Ye) works hard to compose and create beautiful music. A historical musician known online as Sheng Sheng Man, Gu Sheng shares her music with the world but amassing an online following is only one small part of her dream.  A huge fan of the voice dubbing master known to her only by his stage name, Qiang Qing Ci (Tan Jian Ci), Gu Sheng’s biggest dream is to someday work with the vocal master. Unfortunately, even with her online following, she has never once crossed paths with the voice-dubbing master. Unsure how she’ll ever make her dreams come true, Gu Sheng gets an unexpected chance when she finds herself picking out Qiang Qing Ci’s voice at a local event. Following the familiar voice to its source, Gu Sheng finds herself face-to-face with Mo Qing Cheng, the person behind the voice of Qiang Qing Ci.  Finding himself as intrigued by Gu Sheng as she is with him, Qing Cheng devises a plan to get to know the sweet musician. With his voice constantly stirring her heartstrings, how long will it take for Gu Sheng to fall for Qing Cheng completely? Adapted from the novel “Really, Really Miss You” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, “Love Me, Love My Voice” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Sha Wei Qi.