Chase the Truth



A decade ago, polyglot police detective Chu Yi Han (Wang Zi Qi)’s mother went undercover to investigate a crime...and never came back. Since then, his only confidant is his “uncle” (Tian Yu), as Chu Yi Han continued his search for his mother. Now, he has discovered there may be a chance to rescue her – but the stakes will be impossibly high… He learns that he must infiltrate a powerful crime syndicate known as the Northwestern Wolves – and quickly bring the organization down from inside. As he begins his quest, his path crosses with a dancer named Gu Lin Na (Su Xiao Tong), a woman with dangerous family ties to the syndicate. Can Chu Yi Han complete this perilous mission – and does Gu Lin Na hold the key to its success? “Chase the Truth” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Jack Zhao.