Why didn't I tell you a million times?



As children, Yui Soma (Inoue Mao) and Naoki Torino (Sato Takeru) were the best of friends. Having lived with the same foster family for a time, the two were incredibly close but as often happens in cases such as theirs, the two were separated and eventually lost touch.  Now adults, Yui and Naoki are both equally surprised when fate decides to bring them together once more. Picking up where they left off all those years ago, Yui and Naoki soon find that the fondness they felt for each other as children has grown into something much deeper. Desperately in love, Naoki makes plans to propose to Yui but a tragic twist of fate takes him away before he ever has a chance. Unaware of Naoki’s fate, Yui falls into despair over his disappearance but even as her heart breaks, she sets out to find him. While filing a missing person’s report at a local police station, Yui meets Yuzuru Uozumi (Matsuyama Kenichi), a homicide detective who has recently discovered he can see Naoki’s ghost.  With Naoki’s spirit urging Yuzuru to pass on a message to Yui, the detective has no choice but to seek her out, but in doing so, only manages to entangle himself further in her life. Ultimately accepting their twisted fate, can Yuzuru and Yui work together to solve the mystery surrounding Naoki’s untimely death? A stirring blend of fantasy, romance, and mystery, “Why didn’t I tell you a million times?” is a 2023 Japanese crime drama directed by Fuminori Kaneko, Daisuke Yamamuro, and Juntaro Furubayashi.