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Love Song for Illusion

Love Song for Illusion
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Love Song for Illusion


Crown Prince Sajo Hyun (Park Ji Hoon) has a secret: His alter ego Ak Hee works in a downtown store, where nobody knows of his true identity. Traumatic events from the past have left deep scars on his psyche. His path soon crosses with that of Yeon Wol (Hong Ye Ji), the revenge-motivate descendant of a fallen noble family. She too is hiding her real identity, becoming an assassin as she plots her vengeance against the King... But a twist of fate leads Yeon Wol to lose her memory. She ends up in the royal court, where she is set to become the Crown Prince’s concubine. This ignites the fury of Geum Hwa (Ji Woo), the Crown Prince’s ambitious wife. Tensions begin to rise further when Yeon Wol starts to develop feelings for Sajo Hyun. Will this duo even learn of one another’s secrets – and could love one day come calling for them? “Love Song for Illusion” is a 2024 South Korean drama series that was based on a webtoon by Vanziun and directed by Lee Jung Seop.