Sword and Fairy 6

Chinese Paladin Season 6
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In a village named Wuyan, two young siblings named Yue Jin Zhao (Xu Kai) and Yue Qi (Esther Yu) suffer from amnesia – and are trying to piece together clues about their identities and pasts. Their journey of discovery eventually takes them beyond the confines of the village. But they are unexpectedly sidetracked when Yue Qi loses her money to a member of the Risen Soul cult. While they try to recover Yue Qi’s funds, their paths cross with a family that wants to make the cult’s nefarious dealings public – and ultimately obliterate it. The siblings eventually join the family’s head Luo Zhao Yan (Wan Peng) and a disparate group of individuals who all hope to expose the Risen Soul cult’s darkest secrets. Will their quest help Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi learn the truth about their past? And can they overcome the cult – before it grows too powerful? “Sword and Fairy 6” is a 2024 Chinese drama series that was directed by Liu Guo Nan and Sun Meng Fei.