The Legend of ShenLi

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Born into the demon world, ShenLi (Zhao Li Ying) grew in power, her skill on the battlefield eventually earning her the title of General Bi Cang. Pressured into a political marriage against her will, the general chose to fight for her freedom rather than accept the match. Sustaining injuries, ShenLi reverts to her original form and falls into the human world as a phoenix where she is picked up by a mortal vendor and sold as a plucked chicken at a local human market to Xing Zhi (Lin Geng Xin). A ruthless warrior who single-handedly brought an end to the god and demon wars millennia ago, Xing Zhi finds himself unable to pass by the plucked demon chicken he sees caged at the human market. With that single purchase, Xing Zhi inadvertently links his fate with that of ShenLi. What will become of the demon and the warrior who rescues her? Adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, “The Legend of ShenLi” is a 2024 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Deng Ke.