Sweet Trap

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Jiang Jie (Xie Bin Bin) is a talented young chef whose knife skills and cooking abilities have led him to the very pinnacle of traditional Chinese cuisine. His skills have landed him the coveted Five-Star Kitchen Knife, the ultimate prize for the nation’s cooks. He now works in a top-end hotel. But he secretly hungers for a showdown against an older chef whose skills are still legendary. Meanwhile, that same older chef’s young female apprentice, Li Nai (Zhang Miao Yi), is hoping to help restore her master’s honor. She hatches a plan that involves landing a job in the hotel’s kitchen...so she can infiltrate Jiang Jie’s inner circle. But, little does she know, Jiang Jie also has a cunning plan to prove once and for all that he is peerless when it comes to Chinese cuisine! Who will win this battle of wits, hearts, and culinary wizardry? “Sweet Trap” is a 2024 Chinese drama series that was directed by Deng Zhan Neng.