Yong An Dream

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With the collapse of the West Canal, the capital city of Yong An was immediately plunged into chaos. Blamed for the collapse and the ensuing chaos, the Minister of Works, Shen Wen Qi, was imprisoned by order of the Emperor. Not satisfied with simply deposing the Minister of Works, the Emperor ordered the ruination of his household as well. Forced out of their home, Shen Wen Qi’s daughters, Shen Ran (Xia Nan) and Shen Zhen (Ouyang Nana) were reduced to poverty overnight. With an ailing brother to care for, Shen Zhen set up a cosmetics shop in Yong An to provide them with a living. Meanwhile, Lu Shi Yan (Jeremy Tsui), the imperial prosecutor responsible for investigating the collapsed bridge, is troubled by recurring dreams in which a mysterious woman’s fate entwines with his own. A woman, he is shocked to discover, is none other than Shen Zhen. Approaching Shen Zhen with caution, Shi Yan eventually finds a way to work alongside her to unravel the mystery surrounding her father’s case. Searching for the truth together, unexpected feelings begin to bloom between them. Will their steadily grown affection for each other become a vital key in uncovering the truth or will it hinder the ongoing investigation? Adapted from the novel “Chang’an’s First Beauty" by Well-Developed Lachrymal Glands, “Yong An Dream” is a 2024 Chinese historical romance fantasy drama directed by Huang Bin, Deng Wei En, and Chen Qiang.