Everyone Loves Me

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Newly graduated classmates Gu Xun (Lin Yi) and Qian Ling (Zhou Ye) are reunited when they both find work at a gaming company. The sweet and adorable Qian Ling has long held feelings for Gu Xun, so is devastated when she confesses – only to be cruelly rejected! Gu Xun is in love with a tough-talking no-nonsense female gamer who goes by the online handle Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua. However, Qian Ling and Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua are actually the same person, with the latter taking on a very different personality when she starts gaming! What will happen when Gu Xun learns the truth about Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua’s true identity? “Everyone Loves Me” is a 2024 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yu Chung Chung and Lee Ching Jung.