Blossoms In Adversity

The Story of Hua Zhi
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Hua Zhi (Zhang Jing Yi) has scores of talents. But as the eldest female daughter of the high-standing Hua family, she is expected to keep them under wraps – and play the part of a “good partner” to her intended husband Shen Qi (Caesar Wu). That all changes when the family’s reputation takes a nosedive. All of a sudden, Hua Zhi has to step up to the plate and use all her hidden talents. This new, no-nonsense approach helps her family, but also scares off many potential suitors. One suitor appears undaunted by her abilities, however – the mysterious Gu Yan Xi (Hu Yi Tian). Could the duo find romantic bliss in this most unconventional of scenarios? This 2024 Chinese drama series was directed by Zhu Rui Bin, Lan Zhi Wei, and Gu Zhi Wei.