Best Choice Ever

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Mai Cheng Huan (Yang Zi) has always lived her life according to the wishes of her overbearing mother. But after her mother’s interference brings about the end of an important relationship, Cheng Huan decides enough is enough. Breaking free from her mother’s hold, Cheng Huan pours all her focus into advancing in her career, and takes a position as the manager of a family hotel. While the hotel heir, Yao Zhi Ming (Xu Kai) has doubts about Cheng Huan’s abilities, it doesn’t take long for him to recognize her many talents. Working side by side, Cheng Huan and Zhi Ming navigate the turbulent waters of family and business together, finding unexpected love along the way. A classic tale of enemies to lovers, this is a 2024 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Tian Yu and Wang Cheng Xin.