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The Double

The Double
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The Double


Political unrest brings disaster for a county magistrate, who is unjustly imprisoned due to a malicious plot. His daughter Xue Fang Fei (Wu Jin Yan), narrowly escapes with the help of Jiang Li (Yang Chao Yue), the Secretariat Director’s daughter. Fang Fei vows to free her father and fight injustice, so she poses as Jiang Li when she returns to the capital to execute her plan. With the support of the Duke Xiao Heng (Wang Xing Yue), she embarks on her mission against formidable odds. Will her courage and determination be enough to overcome the challenges ahead? And could love also find its way into her heart? This 2024 Chinese drama series was based on a novel by Qian Shan Cha Ke and directed by Bai Yun Mo, Lu Hao Ji Ji, and Ma Shi Ge.