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The Auditors
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The Auditors


Corruption is rife at the affluent JU Construction, so the firm brings in a new auditing team to clean the company up. Heading this unit is the ice-cold cynic Shin Cha Il (Shin Ha Kyun), a specialist in hunting down white-collar criminals. However, his audit team members do not all share his deep distrust of humanity. The team includes new hire Goo Han Soo (Lee Jung Ha), a warm-hearted Gen Z employee who applied to join the audit team thinking it might help him to land a job in the United States. The duo immediately begin butting heads, due to their wildly different world views. However, they soon begin to discover that pitting their wits leads them both to success. Can they form a bond of respect – and help purge corruption from the company once and for all? This 2024 South Korean drama series was directed by Kwon Young Il.