A Gentleman's Dignity

Grace of Gentleman, The Gentleman's Club
A Gentleman's Dignity
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A Gentleman's Dignity


Kim Do Jin is the so-called Mr. Perfect. He says he can still be perfect even at the age of 40 because he invests his money only in himself and claims to stay single so he won\u2019t have to share his money with his wife and kids. Im Tae San is a reliable friend, a romanticist with a pure heart, but his love doesn\u2019t run smoothly. Kind and warm-hearted Choi Yoon never really paid attention to love since his wife died. One day, Jung Rok\u2019s wife wants to divorce him. But really, what she wants is his love. Some people say the age of 40 is when you become wanting to feel the butterflies in your stomach again, like when you fall in love for the first time. What does being no longer young mean in our lives?