Life gets a little complicated when the spirit of an 18-year-old high school boy gets transplanted into the 30-year-old body of his teacher’s fiancé. After a car accident, 18-year-old Kang Gyung Joon (Shin Won Ho) finds that his spirit has taken over the body of Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), a successful doctor who is engaged to Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung), his teacher. But the complication multiplies when the new Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman, Jang Ma Ri (Bae Suzy), who is determined to retrieve the man she loves from the old man’s body. Will young-soul Yoon Jae be able to return to his younger life or is he doomed to continue the course of the older doctor’s life? “Big” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Ji Byung Hyun. It has no relation to the 1988 American movie by the same title starring Tom Hanks.

Original title
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Big Team
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Broadcast Period
2012-06-04 to 2012-07-24
Korea Idol Drama Romance SciFi & Fantasy Korean Drama Comedy Drama


Gong Yoo
Main Actor
Jang Hee Jin
Main Actor
Baek Sung Hyun
Main Actor
Lee Min Jung
Main Actor

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