Goodbye Dear Wife



Cha Seung Hyuk (Ryu Si Won) is used to the spotlight and loves being adored by fans and women. As a champion martial artist, he has it all – good looks, great athleticism and a winning record. Kang Sun Ah (Hong Soo Hyun) leads a much quieter life after being abandoned as a baby in front of a convent and raised by nuns. When she is rejected by her first love, Kim Hyun Chul (Kim Min Soo), she pledges to become a nun herself. But when Seung Hyuk meets Sun Ah, he falls in love with her. When she tells him that she could never be with a martial arts fighter, he gives it all up for her, winning national acclaim for his romanticism and making women swoon throughout Korea. The notoriety wins Seung Hyuk major endorsement deals, and he soon makes enough money to open up a famous sports center. He marries Sun Ah, and they lead an idyllic married life for five years. Until, that is, Seung Hyuk becomes bored by it all. Then his former girlfriend, the mysterious and deliciously dangerous Oh Hyang Gi (Park Ji Yoon) comes back into Seung Hyuk’s life, promising a much more exciting life than the blasé one he shares with his angelic wife. Seung Hyuk decides to leave his wife for Hyang Gi. Meanwhile, the scorned Sun Ah also faces conflicting emotions when Hyun Chul comes back into her life, and the reason why he left her seven years earlier is revealed. Can her marriage be saved for does fate have other plans for her? “Goodbye Wife,” also known as “Goodbye Dear Wife,” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Pyung Joong.