My Lucky Star

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When the heir to a jewelry empire meets a woman who makes designer knock-offs, can a more perfect union of opposites be possible? Zhong Tian Qi (Jimmy Lin) is the son of major jewelry label, E-shine, but runs away from his family after stealing an important piece of jewelry. He meets Xia Zhi Xing (Yoo Ha Na), a talented but dishonest young woman who produces imitation jewelry. As they fall in love, Tian Qi’s belief in Xia Zhi’s talents inspires her to becoming a legitimate jewelry designer. But Tian Qi’s family objects to their relationship and his ex-girlfriend, Ou Ya Ruo (Hong Xiao Ling), also is jealous, although she left Tian Qi to pursue his older brother, Tian Jun (Leon Jay Williams). When Tian Jun is killed in a car that Xia Zhi is riding in, Tian Qi blames her and they separate. Years later, they run into each other again, but is it too late to rediscover their love?