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Three high school friends are tired of their dead-end jobs or nagging significant others. They arrive at the sunny Haeundae beach down south in Busan. This place is considered a paradise with bikini-clad ladies. The three are very confident about themselves. They're ready to break free from everything! But...they want to be cool guys, but things aren't going the way they want it to. Plus! Unexpected incidents and accidents come their way. The three do not know why they are being chased down by complete strangers. It turns out the three's bags have been switched by mistake with that of a drug-trafficking ring. The three guys dreamt of breaking free from their weary daily routines. Can the situation be solved well? It's the new movie "Three Summer Night."

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Episode 2121
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2120
Episode 2120
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2119
Episode 2119
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2118
Episode 2118
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2117
Episode 2117
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2116
Episode 2116
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