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In this sequel to the popular 2011 series “Dream High,” a new set of students at the Kirin High School of Art aspire to become idol stars in the entertainment industry. In the second season, the high school goes into financial bankruptcy and is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company transfers its young idols-in-training to satisfy a new law that requires underage entertainers to receive 20 hours per week of education and prohibits working past 10 p.m.

As the idol-in-training teens clash with the current students, rivalries erupt as well as secret crushes and unexpected alliances.

Shin Hae Sung (Kang Sora) dreams of a career in music although she only knows it through books rather than actually performing it. Jin Yoo Jin (Jeong Jinwoon of 2AM), a former child star, flouts school rules and is constantly getting into trouble in his quest to become a hard-core rock star. He also butts heads with JB, who is a member of the famous group I:dn.

JB’s ex-girlfriend, Rian (Park Jiyeon), who is a member of the famous K-pop group Hershe, wants him back but he starts to develop a crush on Hae Sung. Nana (Hyo Rin) has what it takes to become a top vocalist.

But who can achieve the ultimate stardom?

“Dream High 2” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Eung Bok and Mo Wan Il and originally aired on KBS2. The series had a whole new cast from the original “Dream High,” which aired in 2011.

8.5 (1287 ratings)


Dream High 2 Episode 1
Episode 1
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Dream High 2 Episode 2
Episode 2
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Dream High 2 Episode 3
Episode 3
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Dream High 2 Episode 4
Episode 4
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Dream High 2 Episode 5
Episode 5
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Dream High 2 Episode 6
Episode 6
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