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At the end of the parade, after announcing his commitment Orestes, Chiqui sealed it with a kiss. Seeing them, Valentina torn away. Franklin follows. As an aside, Ariadne is surprised at the attitude of the fat. Roman heiress confesses he is in love with Orestes. The young man tries to follow Valentina Villanueva, but is retained by his girlfriend, who reminds him that no one depart from it. In the room Villanueva, Roque apologizes to Olympia, because it failed in another attempt to kill Terr Terr. Meanwhile, Second hear screams from the attic. Attracted by the excitement, Benigno and Pandora approach the place where some nurses, with the permission of Juan Ángel, General intended to be a madhouse. Pandora gets impidiéndoselos. Far away, after receiving the congratulations of those present, Chiqui says he is at his best, as it soon will marry Orestes. Arriving at Valentina, Franklin, George and Beatrice board learn of the death of mum Dolores.

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