Home Sweet Home



Like so many others, the Wangs were a happy and harmonious family. With a well-paying job, a devoted wife, and two dutiful children, Mr. Wang (Aaron Kwok) really couldn’t have asked for a better life. But when tragedy nearly claims his son, life for the Wangs takes an unexpected turn. As the school bus driver held responsible for the accident that killed all but himself and Mr. Wang’s son, Wang Chu Qi (Rong Zi Shan), Yu Kun Qiao’s (Duan Yi Hong) life has become nothing short of miserable. Taking pity on the man, Mr. Wang invites Kun Qiao to take up residence in the basement of their family home. Suffering from amnesia, Kun Qiao can’t recall the accident that killed so many, but he’s happy to accept Mr. Wang’s kind offer. Unfortunately life with the Wangs turns out to be nothing like Kun Qiao expected. Constantly badgered by Mr. Wang and his family, Kun Qiao finds himself slowly pressured to turn himself in; but something inside just won’t let him. Over the course of the next three years, a strange series of events unfolds that leads everyone in the house to question their own sanity. Will this slow descent into madness bring about the answers everyone seeks or will it only lead to their ultimate demise? A suspenseful tale of crime and intrigue, “Home Sweet Home” is a 2021 thriller film directed by Leste Chen.