Too Cool to Kill

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Milan (Ma Li) is a top-billing actress is facing trouble when the producer of her latest movie – Harvey (Chen Ming Hao) decides to halt filming on the project. The producer is also a gangland boss who believes he is being pursued by a ruthless hitman named Killer Karl. Milan hatches a plan: She will attempt to trick Mr. Harvey – by claiming to have found Killer Karl. In order to pull off the scam, she needs a fall guy. And in the hapless extra and wannabe film star Wei Cheng Gong (Wei Xiang), she thinks she has hit the jackpot. Wei Cheng Gong is desperate to land a leading role in a film, and believes Milan when she tells him that he will be playing the role of Killer Karl in a “movie” – one that doesn’t have a script or even visible film-making equipment on the “set!” Wei Cheng Gong agrees, but soon discovers that he is in fact deep in the middle of a life-threatening conspiracy that only pretending to be someone he isn’t will foil! Can he develop the acting skills he will need to survive this dangerous debacle? “Too Cool to Kill” is a 2022 Chinese movie that was directed by Xing Wen Xiong.