Cheers To Me

Naege Geonbae
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As editor at a busy publishing house, Ra Yeo Joo (Yoo Jin Seo) is no stranger to pressure. Juggling what feels like a million different projects at once, Yeo Joo has found that one of the best ways to decompress at the end of a long day is with a stiff drink and an abundance of delicious food. But not everyone in Yeo Joo’s life approves of her preferred method of relaxation. A member of the publishing house’s marketing team, Lee Jae Yoon’s (Lee Jae Yoon) only goal in life is to live a long, lean, healthy life. Seeing food as nothing more than necessary fuel for the body, Jae Yoon can’t understand Yeo Joo’s eating habits or how she can manage to find comfort in something as utilitarian as food. Despite their vastly different views on pretty much everything, Jae Yoon can’t deny the attraction he feels when Yeo Joo is near.  With a relationship that constantly fluctuates between friendly, flirty, and fiercely competitive, Yeo Joo and Jae Yoon find that their proximity to each other is starting to have some unexpected side effects. Can the relationship that seems to be blossoming between them change the way they look at work, life, and food? Based on the manga series “Wakako Sake” by Chie Shinkyu, “Cheers to Me” is a 2015 South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by Lim Eun.