My First Love

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Kang Shin Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is a 28-year-old mathematics teacher who is still haunted by a love regret from a decade ago. Ten years ago, he fell in love with Han Ji Soo (Lee Yeol Eum). But, being shy and cautious by nature, he never plucked up sufficient courage to let her know how he felt. The feeling turned out to be mutual too. Time passed by and eventually, so did the moment. As he approaches his thirties, he still can’t forget Han Ji Soo and the unrequited first love that got away... But when a freak incident sends him back in time to his high school days, he suddenly gets that chance to live out his late high school days all over again – and win Han Ji Soo’s heart. But traveling back in time is a complicated affair: His appearance on the scene irks and provokes the 18-year-old Kang Shin Woo (Seo Ji Hoon), spurring him into action. The future Kang Shin Woo is unsure as to whether he should help the former “him” on his love quest...or try to win her affections himself. And suddenly, Han Ji Soo finds that she has two admirers intent on winning her heart – unaware that they are actually two “versions” of the same person! “My First Love” is a 2018 South Korean drama series that was directed by Min Yeon Hong.